Best Black Friday Sale Ever [Review]

Vendor: Omar and Meliinda Martin
PRO: So, so much included. EVERYTHING you need to have a thriving, online business.
CON: If you currently have no money for investing in your business, this may be out of your price range.

Best Black Friday Event Ever

Every year, Omar and Melinda have a huge Black Friday Sale and this year is no different except that it’s the Best one yet 🙂

A few years back, when I first started affiliate marketing, Omar and Melinda were a couple of the first affiliates/product vendors, that I got to know. 

Because I was new on the ‘scene’, it wasn’t always easy to get a vendor to grant me ‘affiliate status’ for the products, they were launching. 

But, that wasn’t the case with Omar and Melinda. This couple are all about helping people, grow successful, online businesses, especially newbies (as I was back then). 

Omar and Melinda not only approved me for promoting their products (even though they had no idea who I was, nor had I sold anything yet, at that point), they would also send me emails letting me know when they had upcoming, product launches that I could also promote in order to grow my business and my online reputation.

I’ve purchased a few of their products. myself. They totally over deliver.  Their products include everything you need, to run a profitable business, online.

Omar and Melinda also include a phone number for any help you may need, when you purchase their products.  You won’t see that very often; actually, hardly ever.  I can’t say one way or another how their ‘support’ rates, as I’ve never needed to call them.  I would imagine though, since everything else they do is ‘top of the line’, their support most likely is, as well.

The front end product is amazing with everything they are including (watch the demo’s), but below, I have also posted their Upsell and Downsell products, so you know what to expect, as you go through the funnel 🙂

Best Black Friday Sale EVER (FE)

The front end contains Omar and Melinda’s 5 BEST SELLING PRODUCTS, which have a $2985 combined real value. Each of these products has its own membership site.

number 1My unfair advantage

My Unfair Advantagewatch the demo retails for $297.

This has been their flagship product, since April of 2010. Members get LIVE weekly coaching every Thursday night with Omar & Melinda, plus you’ll have access to over 400 episodes, that are in the archives.

Membership includes access to all of their core products, such as;

  • Buzzinar
  • Internet Selling For Newbies
  • Content Nitrous
  • Rapid Profit System
  • Funnel Boss

You will also get a 6 mini-courses and a PLR product library.

number 2





watch the demoCONVERToolz retails for $197.

This is their brand new lead funnel creation software.

Users log into the SaaS and create landing pages and download pages with the easy to use page builder. The unique thing about CONVERToolz is that it comes with over 150 lead magnets, already built-in.

These magnets include products in 12 categories that you can use to build your lists. It connects to the major auto-responders and also enables monetization of the download pages.

number 3

commission magnets




watch the demoCommission Magnets retails for $297.

This product is all about BONUS PAGES.

Users log into the SaaS and customize the 7 pre-created bonus templates with their own headlines, videos and affiliate links.

All of the bonus products are included, along with tons of customizable, marketing material that you can use. The thing that makes Commission Magnets special, is the training course.

The videos teach some advanced super affiliate marketing tactics. This also includes a library of bonus products and a generic template that can be used to promote pretty much anything.

number 4

launch pad




watch the demoLaunchPad sells for $1997 via webinar only. This is our HIGH TICKET product launch training course. LaunchPad walks the user STEP by STEP through the development of a digital product, all the way through affiliate recruitment and launch. This product was created by documenting the creation of a six-figure product launch.

Launchpad includes;

  • checklists
  • templates

and all the resources necessary, for a newbie to do a successful launch, within 60 days.

number 5

internet marketing clinic



watch the demoInternet Marketing Clinic retails for $197. This is an intense 8-hour training course that can de-fibrillate ANY internet marketing business, that’s in a slump.

The 4 videos cover the most important parts of an online business, that people typically screw up;

  • Traffic
  • List Building
  • Scaling

The conversion clinic alone, is worth its weight in gold. Each of the clinics comes with resources and help materials, in the member’s area.



aceA.C.E. is a marketing automation system that normally sells for $1997

This is their full-blown affiliate marketing system, that provides customers with 100% commissions on all of their core products with a 50% commission on the high ticket, back ends.

The system has high converting squeeze pages with hard-coded affiliate links in each of the follow-up email sequences (over 100 in total).

The system intuitively moves prospects from campaign to campaign and also pitches hard-coded high ticket products to the buyers.

ACE users get to download and keep the leads they acquired after they’ve gone through the sequence.

ACE comes with over 50 pieces of customizable marketing material per product.

It also includes an extensive traffic training video library that covers all the most effective traffic methods including social media and Youtube.

The dashboard connects to your JVZoo account and provides real-time metrics on;

  • ACE links
  • clicks
  • opt-ins
  • conversion stats
  • sales for each product and throughout the super funnel

Traffic Ivy


plr masterpiecePLR Masterpiece is a brand new product that Omar and Melinda have never sold before!

They’ve been recording their weekly MUA (My Unfair Advantage) coaching webinars for 9 years.

Each episode tackles a new and exciting internet marketing challenge with cutting edge strategy.

They’ve turned 150 of these recordings into full-blown products.  This product gives you PLR rights to ALL of this material for ALL 150 products.

  • the video
  • the transcription
  • the ebook
  • the graphics

                                     the whole 9 yards…

None of this was outsourced. None of this is garbage content, created by people that can’t read or write English.

ALL of this material was CREATED, IN HOUSE, Personally, by Omar and Melinda Martin.

Their team, turned their videos into products and this is material that they’ve only ever used themselves for bonuses and membership content. This has cost them tens of thousands of dollars to develop over the years and NOW, they are blowing it out, with PLR on BLACK FRIDAY, for a crazy low, low price.

This gets delivered on a private page in the CONVERToolz member’s area where users can download all the files.

get access now









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