How To Create Videos With Animation With Exovidio FX [Review]

Vendor: Azam Dzulfikar
PRO: Easy step by step video creation
CON: not Cloud Based, so need to download to computer


Exovidio FX is Futuristic, Energetic and Dynamic video templates that help you make world class video in just a few clicks.

With Exovidio, you can create instant, incredible videos, even if you’ve never made one before.

Creating videos with Exovidio is as simple as 1, 2, 3.


Pick A Template


                                        Customize Templates                                            Exovidio

Exovidio Export Video

Inside Exovidio, you’ll find 8 ‘modules’

  • Module 1 – Animated Videos
  • Module 2 – Presentation Templates
  • Module 3 – InstaStories
  • Module 4 – End Screen Outro’s
  • Module 5 – Overlays Effects
  • Module 6 – Youtube Subscribe Buttons
  • Module 7 – Youtube Thumbnail Templates
  • Module 8 – Extra, Special Bonuses

The Benefits

Animated video

  • increases your engagement on social media
  • turns visitors into high paying customers
  • enhances website traffic and puts more money in your pocket

Video marketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques.

Video is a more powerful and interesting way to get a visitors attention.  If you’re not using video as part of your marketing strategy, you are missing out on a lot of free traffic and a massive profit making opportunity.

You could spend anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, hiring others to create videos for you and your marketing campaigns.  BUT, with Exovidio FX, choose a template, make a few ‘tweaks’ for whatever product, website, business you’re promoting and publish your new, professional looking videos.  Then, it will look like you spent a small fortune on video creation, when in actuality, you didn’t.  Another plus to creating your own videos, besides the massive amounts of money you’ll be saving is all the time it takes in hiring someone, giving them any instructions of what you want and if you need anything revised.  With Exovidio, it’s super easy to create and make changes, on the spot, in minutes.

Whereas, with other video creation software, some of them, you can even download for free but there is a ‘learning curve’ to all these softwares.  Not to mention extras you may need like ‘royalty free’ pics, and music, backgrounds, effects, graphics, video footage, etc. 

Have you ever just sat in front of your computer with your video creation software up and ready to create your video masterpiece and you just didn’t know how to start or where to begin?   Are you beginning to see how a video creation software that has EVERYTHING you need, including high quality, profession looking templates (so you don’t need any tech saavy or much imagination even), could be what will help give your video marketing that extra boost? 

Check out the sales page to see all the different types of videos you could create in mere minutes, to get loads of free traffic to your blogs, websites, product pages, ANYWHERE.

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When Exovidio launches on Sept 5th., I’ll be one of the first in line, to grab my copy and begin creating fun, unique videos. When looking over the sales page for Exovidio and checking out all the sample videos of what you can create, I had so many ideas for videos I could create that I can hardly wait to start creating in order to promote this blog, where you are now and each and very product I am an affiliate or have reseller / agency rights to.


How do I edit Exovidio FX Templates?

You need to use PowerPoint to edit the templates and Keynote for Mac.  The best version of PowerPoint would be at least PowerPoint 2013.  PowerPoint 2010 & 2007 work, but some elements don’t work as well on these older versions of PowerPoint.

How do I download Exovidio FX?

After your purchase is completed, you’ll receive detailed access instructions and directions to the download area.

How much does Exovidio FX cost?

During the launch, beginning Sept 5th. 10am EST, you will receive a CRAZY DISCOUNT, that you can only get during the launch, of 80% to 92% off the full purchase price.   The price will increase slightly, after every purchase, but starts as low as $16.90


OTO1 Exovidio FX Platinum Triple Package Offer (Developer License, Extra Bonuses, More Video Assets)

OTO2 Exovidio FX Jumbo Collection of Stunning Video & Graphics Templates Bundle



Bonus 1 MORE Animated Video Templates

Bonus 2 MORE Outro Video Templates

Bonus 3 Minisite Pack Design

exovidio fx

exovidio fx



Bonus 4 300 Logo Designs  

Bonus 5 MORE Modern Presentation Templates

Bonus 6 Sales Video Assets                                                 

exovidio fx

  • Which Includes:
    • 8 high quality marketing coloured videos
    • 16 story telling b & w videos
    • 10 lead converting ‘call to action’ videos
    • 10 story infographics
    • 30 vector assets                                                               

Bonus 7 – Video Assets Pack

Bonus 8 – Social Media Videos  

  • 60 High Definition Moving Backgrounds                      Bonus 9 8000+ GIF Animation
  • 100 High Quality Business People
  • 200 Individually Created Sales Graphics                       Bonus 10 Animation Banners
  • 50 High Quality Business Backgrounds

Bonus 11 Mock-up Templates                                            Bonus 12 Graphics Pack       

Bonus 13 Turbo Tube Engage                                             Bonus 14 Banners Marketing Pack

exovidio fx


All these bonuses will be delivered in your members area upon purchase of the Front End Product.

To check out these BONUSES more fully, click here!




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