DFY Hero [Review] and Bonuses – Done For You Website Templates

Cindy Donovan is RELAUNCHING her SAAS Platform, DFY Hero 2.0, on May 19th. 9am EST

DFY 2.0

DFY Hero 2.0 is a system with over 100 completely Done For You websites, sales pages, squeeze pages, eCom stores and blogs that you can import, edit and sell to your clients or use for yourself.

You won’t need hosting or even a domain name. You do have the option though to use your own domain and hosting, if you would prefer.

I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the beta testers for DFY Hero. This garnered me my own copy of the platform (yay 😉 ) which afforded me lots of time to put this system through it’s paces. And I did just that.

Now, Cindy Donovan has revamped, updated, improved on and is now Launching DFY Hero 2.0.

DFY Hero was originally created to help struggling newbies easily and quickly get started online. This hasn’t changed with the new DFY Hero 2.0. But you don’t need to be new to working online. This platform can greatly benefit experienced marketers as well.

With DFY Hero, you can choose to sell website services to your clients OR quickly import, edit, and publish your own business website, squeeze pages, blogs, etc without needing to spend any money on a hosting account.

You will receive additional training and giveaways in the form of free software and platforms for traffic generation and list building which will help you to create monetized sites for yourself or for sale.

If you only want 1 site, then DFY Hero won’t be for you as this is a platform for creating many professional looking websites.  But, if you would like to create many sites, niches, creating and selling sites to clients, then DFY Hero was created, with you in mind. 

Just because these sites are Done-For-You, doesn’t mean everything is done.  You’ll still need to edit and add content but the themes are professionally designed and would be very expensive, were you to purchase these themes or sites, individually.

It only takes minutes to create a site but the editing of the site will take a bit of time, depending on how large or detailed, you or your clients want.

If you want to create sites and flip them or sell them to local businesses, you will receive full training and support on just how to do this.

With DFY Hero, you will be able to create UNLIMITED stunning websites without writing a single line of code and without hiring expensive designers.

DFY Hero is:

  • Completely Beginner Friendly
  • Fully Cloud Based so you won’t have anything to download and install
  • Fully Hosted and No Domain Required (unless you choose to use your own hosting and domain)
  • Developed by a team of Expert Designers & Marketers so the templates are beautiful and professionally designed
  • Up to 100 DFY Templates ready for you to access; Websites, Sales Pages, Squeeze Pages, eCom Stores and Blogs

DFY Hero ($21.95 – $47)

  • Option 1: DFY Hero Standard ($21.95) – increasing during the launch – 20 Done For You Websites
  • Option 2: DFY Hero Deluxe ($47) – 100+ Done For You Websites


OTO1: DFY Hero Agency Startup Kit ($47)

dfy heroThe Agency Startup Kit includes an Agency License and Monetization Training; training by the creators and marketing experts to show the best way to monetize your DFY websites, pages and blogs. You’ll also have the ability to create sub accounts.


OTO2: DFY Hero Templates Club ($17 Per Month to $197 Lifetime)

dfy hero

If you upgrade to The Templates Club, you’ll receive an extra 10 templates, plus an additional 10 templates every month, which will be available, inside your DFY Hero Template Library.

  • Option 1: $17 Monthly Recurring
  • Option 2: $97 Yearly Recurring
  • Option 3: $197 One time


OTO3:DFY Hero Resellers License

dfy heroThe Resellers License allows you to sell DFY Hero, as your own product and keep ALL the money. You won’t need to worry about providing support to your customers either. That will be taken care of, for you.

  • Option 1: $97 Create 100 licenses (FE Standard)
  • Option 2: $147 Create 100 licenses (FE Deluxe)
  • Option 3: $197 Create 250 licenses (FE Standard)
  • Option 4: $297 Create 250 licenses (FE Deluxe)

money back guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied, (I used the system, so this is unlikely), you can ask for a no questions asked refund within 30 days. So, what have you got to lose. Click the button below to try DFY Hero, for yourself.


get access now


What is the quality of the DFY Hero Websites and pages?

All the templates are designed by top-rated designers. These are also exclusive to DFY Hero. You won’t find these anywhere else.

Are there ANY hidden costs?

No, there are no hidden costs. The sales page says it all. Plus, you get a guarantee, so you won’t risk losing anything by just giving DFY Hero a ‘test drive’.

What if I decide to get DFY Hero later?

DFY Hero will remain open to the public, however the prices will be dramatically increasing so you really want to get in during the launch and grab this system at these low prices while you can.

Okay, I’m in. What do I do next?

Click the button, below and I’ll see you inside the Members Area, where you can build your first site, right away!

I still have more questions.

If you still have questions, you can contact the vendor from the sales page.



traffic training








Traffic Training Strategies

Are wondering how to get traffic to your sites? If you use the ‘traffic training strategies’, your traffic worries are a thing of the past!


Live Weekly Training Sessions

Join our motivational, inspirational and extremely practical weekly training webinars! All sessions are recorded and uploaded right away if you can’t make the ‘live’ session.


Supportive, Facebook Group Community

Get the most out of your time online in a community that’s fun, vibrant, full of tips and training – and a great place for you to network and share your own growth journey too!


Storytelling Marketing Report

In this special report, you will learn top story-telling methods, how to best use these strategies and how you can use storytelling to strengthen your brand or launch a new one.

Simple, Social Media Content

This training course will help you create super simple but powerful content for Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. You will get the clear inside of your audience – what content they engage with, what triggers them and how they speak as well.


The Internet Marketer’s Handbook Video Course

Knowing how your target audience engages with their favorite brands and the things that influence them to buy are the keys to growing your online business. This video course details the 79 actions that you need to take today that will lead you to realizing huge results in your Internet business. It covers everything from validating your business idea, to transitioning your business for growth, to successfully scaling your business to grow beyond your wildest dreams.

Free and Fast Traffic Formula Course

Inside this video package, you will learn the fast and free ways to generate targeted traffic into your website.



Mastering And Marketing Online-Video-Made-Simple

Everything you ever wanted to know about using videos online.


Ecommerce Golden Steps

This 5-part video course will reveal you a formula for succeeding in your own e-commerce business. You will learn how to find a niche, create a brand, list your products on Amazon, get traffic, provide the best customer service, and much more.

Mobile Ecommerce Reports

This report will show you different ways you can get your business off the ground quickly and easily by ensuring it’s mobile friendly.

You will learn how to transform your website into a mobile commerce platform.

Instant Content Creator

Effortlessly kick-out killer articles with a proven step-by-step software to show you how.


Easy Code Pro Software

Instantly add the full profit boosting power of Google Analytics to your website automatically, and without having to modify any of your web pages. If you are not a techy person and you are into blogging and internet marketing, using this amazing tool is a plus for your online business.

This easy to use software can also include any script or code into your entire website, without any changes to your web pages.

Find Your Niche Video Course

With this 10-part video training you will learn how to find the right niche so you can stand out and create success faster.


money back guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied, (I used the system, so this is unlikely), you can ask for a no questions asked refund within 30 days. So, what have you got to lose. Click the button below to try DFY Hero, for yourself.


get access now

If you have any trouble getting access to your Bonus Downloads which should be in your DFY Hero members area, just send an email to jacquies.office@gmail.com with your transaction ID and I will get them to you, a.s.a.p.


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