How To Find Profitable Products To Sell With dEscova [Review]

Vendor: Joe Em
PRO: Convenience of finding profitable products to sell and easily add to your stores.
CON: I'm not in the ecommerce niche but didn't come across anything I found to be a 'con'

Would you like to know how to find profitable products to sell? With dEscova, this is super easy to do.

If you’re in the ecommerce niche, do you want to know the secret to finding winning products to sell?

Well, hang out here for a few minutes and I’ll show you. 

Let’s take a look inside and I’ll show you exactly what Descova can do for you!

dEscova is the world’s first multi-platform ecommerce research software.  What exactly IS dEscova, you may be asking and how can it help you increase your online profits?

dEscova not only allows you to find winning products that are guaranteed to sell… but, it will also, INSTANTLY give you, our handpicked, proven products, so you can start profiting, as early as today!

The power of the dEscova platform! is that you’ll be given guaranteed winning products, months ahead of the competition!

The way it works now is that you can look up the top selling products but they’re top selling products because they’ve been on the market for awhile and other people have made money selling the items but by the time you’ve heard about it, it’s popularity may be waning.

BUT, with dEscova, you hear about the new, trending products that are on the rise.  Products from the following market places. where you can pick and dominate hot, new products before everyone else.

If you’ve been doing ecommerce for awhile then you probably know that you can’t just randomly pick up products just because they look cool and you think they’ll sell.   It just doesn’t work that way nor is it often very profitable.

Not to mention the HUGE volume of products you have, to choose from.  It can be overwhelming if you don’t have any idea which products to choose to promote.

Here’s Exactly How dEscova Works In 3 Simple Steps

Step #1


Step #2



Step #3


With the dEscova App,  you’lll get full instant access to all 3 modules:

Discover products: Search multiple ecommerce platforms and easily find the best converting products.

Product Research Suite: Simply enter a keyword and press a single button to uncover super profitable products and niches. This is perfect for discovering new profitable products you should start selling right now and for finding related products.

Hand Picked Bestsellers: Shows you exactly which products are killing it right now.

The Hottest Products Ready to Sell, Tagged with Only Trusted Suppliers in the Most Profitable Niches

dEscova is 100% cloud based so it works on any device, anywhere in the world with an internet connection. No software to download. dEscova works on PC & Mac.


OTO1 dEscova Pro:

1) More Research Platforms: eBay alone houses millions of eCommerce products in different niches. And now you’ll take advantage of dEscova giving you even more search and results from this platform and helping you find millions of products from this platform alone.

    • Amazon researching is coming soon. So with our OTO 1, you stand to find even more products from Amazon and eBay.

2) Track Your Competitors: eCommerce like every other business involves competition, so with dEscova, you’re kept ‘in the loop’ with who your competitors are.

    • So strengthen up your competition with our track your competitors tools, where you find other store owners who sell same and similar products as you. This helps you understand their marketing structure and gives you the edge to compete.

3) Discount Tracker Tool: Do you know that a product you find selling $100 right now, can start selling for $50 or less in just 24 hours. With dEscova, you’ll have a tool that keeps an eye on this product, to detect at once, when there is discount in the price of the product.

  • This discount tracker tool sends an instant email notification to you about the discount.

4) Research Speed Booster: This makes your research 10x faster!

5) VIP Level Support: You have access to high level VIP support, at any time for whatever issues, questions or challenges. With this, there is NO Weekend OFF!

OTO1 Downsell ($47): without access to the Research Speed Booster


OTO2 Descova Store Connector:

INSTANTLY Deploy Winning eCom Products from dEscova to Your Stores on Shopify, WooCommerce and the Traffic Beast “Wish” in 1-CLICK

OTO3 Trends Dashboard:

New Trends Dashboard, Will Set You Up For Huge Profits By Effortlessly Uncovering New Trending Products Before They Even Hit The Market!


OTO4 6-Figure eCommerce Starter Bootcamp:

A Step-By-Step Blueprint For Quickly Setting Up The Perfect Store

OTO5 Descova Reseller License + DFY Resell Kit:

  • Setup Your Own Business without Having To Create A Single Page, Video Or Product.
  • Sell Descova Licenses And Keep 100% Of The Profit.
  • Zero Marketing or Technical Skills Needed, We’ve Done All the Hard Work, Everything DONE FOR YOU!



Fast Action Bonuses To Completely Stack The Deck In Your Favor!

Exclusive Bonus #1 (Launch Week Only) Free Live Webinar Training: How to Crush eCom WITHOUT Stores

Exclusive Bonus #2 (Launch Week Only) – 500+ WINNING Ecom Facebook AD TEMPLATES that’ll Inspire You

Exclusive Bonus #3 (Launch Week Only) – 9,730 Physical Product Niche Markets

Exclusive Bonus #4 (Launch Week Only) – Facebook Powerhouse Training

Exclusive Bonus #5 (Launch Week Only)524 Facebook Interests Lists

Exclusive Bonus #6 (Launch Week Only)2,500 Top Selling Physical Products

Exclusive Bonus #7 (Launch Week Only)Private Ecom Swipe File


Klippyo Video CreatorKlippyo Video Creator








If you have any trouble getting access to your Bonus Downloads which will be in your JVZoo purchases area (see pic above), just send me an email with your transaction ID and I will get them to you, a.s.a.p.

We Want To Remove All Risk For You! That’s Why We’re Including Our Iron-Clad, 30-Day, “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee!


The low introductory price will only be available for a limited time.






A quick note about the reviews on this site: I am an affiliate who also has agency / re-seller rights for some of the products I review. All of my reviews are done as honestly as possible; how the product has worked for me or hasn't, as the case may be. Should you decide to click a link on this site that takes you to a 'paid' product, this link will be my affiliate or re-seller link and I will be paid anywhere from 50% to 100% percent of the sale price, should you decide to make a purchase. Thank you for taking the time to check out my site. If you have any questions about any of the products you see reviews for, please feel free to leave your question in the comments & I will get back to you as quickly as possible. I hope you are having a wonderful day.
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I'm an online marketer, product creator & vendor. I started as an entrepreneur with house cleaning business which I had for 20+ yrs.
After dissolving my cleaning business, I then moved into the exciting, unpredictable, ever changing world of online marketing and I LOVE it. One of the best decisions I've ever made.
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I'm an online marketer, product creator & vendor. I started as an entrepreneur with house cleaning business which I had for 20+ yrs. After dissolving my cleaning business, I then moved into the exciting, unpredictable, ever changing world of online marketing and I LOVE it. One of the best decisions I've ever made.

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