My Journey

Well, it all started waaaay back when I was a little girl.


Okay, not quite THIS far back.

                              We need to jump ahead a few years…,


                                                                               Now this, is more like it.


My family moved around a lot when I was young.  I was a quiet, shy  girl. so you would think I would hate moving so much but going to 3 grade schools, 2 junior highs and 3 high schools, felt more like an adventure.

I always made friends wherever we happened to be living but I was also very much a loner.  I would find things to entertain myself, keeping me busy for hours at a time and this was decades before the internet.

One of my favourite things to play, would be running my business or corporation. We had family friends who would bring me old office papers & supplies, in order to stock my ‘home office’.  

I grew up in a family of 4.  I’m the eldest.  I have a sister 3 years younger and a brother 3 years younger than her. 

Us kids were raised by a single, stay-at-home mom. She wasn’t out at a job or running her own company, so I don’t know where I got these ideas of running my own business.

(from left to right: my brother, sister-in-law, my sister, her youngest and my mom)

At a time when children were taught reading, writing & arithmetic in order to prepare for getting good ‘jobs’, working for someone else,  I was fantasizing about working for myself.

At that time though, I hadn’t been consciously thinking about running my own business when I grew up, as at the time, I didn’t know this could be ‘real’. I was just ‘playing’ or ‘play acting’.

Now, fast forward…, let’s just say, several years…,

                                                                       okay, maybe several decades, but who’s counting 😉

I’ve been working for myself since my late 20’s.  I had a cleaning business for 20  yrs.  I liked the freedom it gave me, but financially, I was barely scraping by.  I knew I didn’t want to be cleaning homes in my ‘golden years’. 

Sometimes, I help a friend in his cleaning business; he cleans construction sites.  One of the jobs we are contracted to clean every so often, is the water filtration plant, here in Toronto.   

This place is quite the job and if you don’t lose all sense of smell by the end of the day, you’ve at least lost your appetite just from the stench, alone. 


It’s jobs like these that reinforce my desire for working online, from the comfort of home.

But, in all honesty, I actually enjoy going out on these jobs as it gets me out from in front of the computer, from time to time; a change of pace and scenery. 

I’ve been online-marketing for a number of years. I tried many different ‘niches’ and methods including e-commerce, GDI (selling domains), SFI, Traffic Wave, working on teams & many others.

E-commerce, I soon discovered, wasn’t for me. I basically, just found it really boring.  

As for the team work options, the idea being, that the team would promote one member at a time to help build each others’ businesses. I thought it sounded good…, in theory. But, unfortunately, this didn’t work out as I had hoped, since you had to depend on the other team members pulling their own weight, which many, didn’t. So, I guess you can probably imagine how THAT turned out.

After putting in many hours most days, for over a year, on just one of these methods, building other peoples’ businesses, then, not receiving the same consideration,  I realized, I could have been using that time & energy building MY OWN online empire.  Yes, I said ’empire’. I figure, if you’re going to dream, ya might as well dream BIG! 😉

All this time spent, isn’t even counting all the many hours, weeks, months, dedicated to trying out the many other business building platforms and opportunities.

Another method,… building downlines; again, very dependent on how much effort and work from the other members of your downline or team.

I even gave Adsense a try and had begun to make some money but that didn’t work out either.  This though, was on me.  I was new to traffic generation.  I was going to be away for 3 weeks working on construction cleanup but didn’t want my site just sitting there, doing nothing, so I purchased some traffic.  The traffic listed wasn’t what I received.  The traffic was outsourced but if I had been more experienced and known what I was doing, I would have realized.  Anyhow, when I got back in front of the computer, my Adsense account was closed.  And, Adsense didn’t give second chances.   

Seriously, there just seemed to be one road block after another.  I’ve always been kind of stubborn though, so I wasn’t going down without a fight.


  Soooo, moving on,…

I figured something good would have to come of this if I just kept at it.

At one point though, I got so discouraged that I had basically put working on-line, on hold, for a couple of years. I’d sell a product or membership program, from time to time, but that was about it.

I knew I still wanted to have an online business but I just didn’t know how to go about it the right way and build something sustainable. 

I was in a bit of a funk (okay, maybe more than a bit) & didn’t know what or where my next step should be.  I had a difficult time getting back into the ‘mind set’ I needed in order to buckle down and start again.

Well, I finally got myself a new computer, (refurbished, actually, but new to me, as mine had crashed), found a couple of online marketers who’s ‘lead’ I could follow (been on their email lists for a couple years already, at this point) and got myself set up with a business idea and a plan.

Now, here I am….





And working from home, I get to hang out, all day, with my little guy, Sasha, who is a sweet, affectionate & adorable, Peach-Faced Loved bird.


Sasha and I would like to thank you for stopping by and hope you drop in and see us again soon.


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