The Quick Start Challenge – post QSC

My Quick Start Challenge Journey

Tuesday the 16th. was the end of my Quick Start Challenge journey .

It’s been a week and 1/2 since the Quick Start Challenge came to a close. It was quite a ‘ride’. We had 5 weeks of coaching with Dean Holland and Craig Crawford.

The QSC coaching students were taken from;

1) creating a blog, an online presence

to get a blog setup with at least one blog post. Our blog post could be about anything we want but we are to mention “The Quick Start Challenge” in our post in order for our ‘task’ to be considered ‘complete’. This goes back to the ‘accountability’ aspect of this ‘live’ coaching

2) envisioning our dream life

to design our ‘dream life’ and then figure out what it will cost to live it

3) list building

to design an opt-in page and a bridge page leading to a ‘sales’ page

4) automating our businesses

to write a series of emails that will be sent to my email list once they’ve ‘opted’ in through my landing page

5) traffic generation

to create a video of us giving a Quick Start Challenge Testimonial

After having now completed the QSC program, I have a rejuvenated sense of where I’m going with my online business as well as, what I need to do, to get there.

I’m looking forward to my continuing journey in this wild, crazy, unpredictable online adventure.


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