The Quick Start Challenge – Week 1 (Sept 12th to 18th)

My Quick Start Challenge Journey

Yesterday was day 1 of my Quick Start Challenge journey.
I’ll give you a little background on 'how' I came to join The Quick Start Challenge and 'why' I chose to join the Quick Start Challenge I chose to join the Quick Start Challenge:

I’ve been working online for several years and have made some money from time to time, but not anything on a regular basis or something that I could ‘upscale’. I have tried different programs to promote, working on teams, working on my own; I’ve tried numerous different things to find ‘a fit’ for my lifestyle and personality. (If you check out ‘My Journey‘ page, you can read more about this.) But, until the Fall of 2016, I was floundering. I knew I wanted to make a full time living online, but I wasn’t sure in what area of the internet I wanted to concentrate.

Fall of 2016;

It became pretty clear to me that a lot of people often check ‘reviews’ before making purchases, myself included. It was while I was researching a software program that I was interested in purchasing that I finally figured out that doing ‘product reviews’ was probably the way to go. After all, this was something I already knew HOW to do as I’ve been checking other peoples’ product reviews, for years.

Ok, fast forward a little bit…

As I have been doing product reviews for awhile now, three things have become clear to me:
  1. This time, I chose the right path, as doing product reviews is what I enjoy
  2. Okay, I kinda ‘suck’ at making videos that I am happy with
  3. I seriously need to work on ‘posting’ consistently

Quick Start Challenge is pretty self-explanatory. Quick Start Challengeis, that even though I have soooo many ‘video creation programs’ (shiny object syndrome, anyone?) to try and make this process of video creation easier, most of them aren’t that great. The sales pages make them seem like they’re the next best thing since sliced bread, but when you start using them, there are so many restrictions. The biggest one I take issue with on many of them, is you are limited to a length of 20 to 60 seconds. This restrictive length seems more ideal for creating ‘teaser’ videos, rather than ‘review’ videos. Or, if you’re creating videos for ‘local’ businesses, you could get away with using the ‘shorter’ length videos, which really isn’t something I’m particularly interested in doing right now.

Creating videos from scratch takes me quite a while but it used to take me much, much longer. You know the saying, ‘practice makes perfect’; well, hardly perfect, in my case, but I am getting faster at creating videos that I don’t ‘hate’.

Quick Start Challenge is consistency. Or in my case, inconsistency. This was due more to my discomfort level with making videos. I wanted a unique video (I didn’t want to ‘steal’ the vendors or another affiliates video) to go along with any product reviews I wrote. I also, don’t particularly enjoy writing; testing the products, lots of fun, writing about it, not so much, as I have difficulty starting the writing process. Once I get started though, it’s usually a ‘breeze’. So, it was difficult to be motivated to write a blog post. And seeing as how YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, I wanted to take advantage of this by creating videos to go along with each product review I wrote. But, just by my ‘inaction’, I actually wasn’t taking advantage of search engine traffic, anyhow.

So, when I came across a coaching program I could actually afford, I ‘jumped’ at it.

The Quick Start Challenge;

is run by two 7 & 8 figure mentors, Dean Holland, Craig Crawfordwho are DOING and LIVING the type of life, I’ve only dreamt of.

Taking part in the QSC not only has the learning aspect where we are basically lead by the hand through each step necessary to start and run our own successful businesses, but we also have the accountability aspect. You see, each week, us coaching students will be given tasks that need to be completed. Having this accountability should help to keep us on track and on schedule. Then, we’re much more likely to reach our short term as well as long term goals, whether talking about our businesses or what we want to achieve in our personal lives.

Last night, the 12th. was our first coaching session. This involved learning how to build the foundation of our online businesses. The coaching was exciting, educational & motivational; I sure wasn’t disappointed. There’s also another session happening tomorrow that will be for any Q & A’s that we may have with respect to our first weeks coaching.

At the end of our 1st session, we were given a task to complete, a challenge, if you will, that needs to be completed within the next 5 days. That’s where this ‘blog’ comes into play.

Our first challenge;

to get a blog setup with at least one blog post. Our blog post could be about anything we want but we are to mention “The Quick Start Challenge” in our post in order for our ‘task’ to be considered ‘complete’. This goes back to the ‘accountability’ aspect of this ‘live’ coaching.

And then, there’s also an added element to each task, each week; motivation. What about ‘motivation’ you ask? Okay, so maybe you weren’t asking, but I’m gonna tell ya, anyhow 😉

Each of us that finish our first weeks’ task will be entered into a drawing. The winner will receive a 1 year account in an exclusive Internet Profits Certified Partner program worth $3,000. This is basically ‘coaching’ on ‘steroids’.

With the IPCP program, you receive:
  • a complete Certification with Internet Profits
  • access to all their products, offers and sales funnels to use in your business; product prices range from $10 to $30,000
  • weekly ‘live’ coaching twice per week for the entire year
  • done for you customer support
  • dfy payment processing
  • a done for you sales team
  • earning commissions up to $3,000

PLUS, every person who completes the QSC challenge WINS. No, not the ‘IPCP program’ but a prize worth up to $200.

So, as far as ‘motivation’ goes, not too shabby. Although, this is hardly a reason to take part in this ‘live’ coaching program. The fun little competitions (not even competitions, so much, as everyone wins) may help keep us moving toward our ultimate goal(s).

Hooray, I’ve now completed my Week 1 challenge. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Feel free to leave any comments below about what you may have ‘liked’, what you didn’t ‘like’ and what you think I could do to improve, on my follow up blog posts. Thank you for stopping by. And if you want to read the continuing saga of my Quick Start Challenge Journey, check back each Friday as this is the day, I should have each week, posted.

I’m super excited for Week 2 of the QSC 😀


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