The Quick Start Challenge – Week 3 (Sept 26th to Oct 2nd)

My Quick Start Challenge Journey

Wednesday the 26th. was the start of The Quick Start Challenge Week 3 .

Last weeks’ week 2 challenge was ‘fun’; figuring out what it would cost to live the life I’ve only dreamed of, up to now.

The challenge for this week, is to design an opt-in page and a bridge page leading to a ‘sales’ page.

I had several missteps and false starts, whether it was just not being happy with the design of my opt-in or using a program that didn’t have all the tools that I needed, in order to create the pages I had envisioned.

But, after many, many hours, several days and many trial & errors, I finished my pages and completed my week 3 QSC challenge.

I used Profit Canvas for both my pages; the ‘opt-in‘ and the 2-step ‘bridge page‘.

Quick Start Challenge Opt-in Pop-up Quick Start Challenge

I then connected MyMailit Autoresponder and tested it. It WORKS!.

Quick Start Challenge

I got my QSC assignment completed and handed in with about 2 1/2 hrs. to spare.

I could have completed it late, but then I wouldn’t qualify for the BIG prize this week. The Grand Prize each week, have been really phenomenal. Check out below, what the winner this week, will be awarded. Pretty sweet!

The winner is going to win a 2 part prize:

  • ONE: You’ll win a 15 minute interview with me to create your own “lead magnet” that you can give away to build your list
  • TWO: You’ll also win a 45 minute 1 on 1 consultation with me which will take place after the QSC has completedQuick Start ChallengeBesides, the weekly Grand prize, there is another prize of ‘high’ value given to each person who completes that weeks’ challenge, so EVERYONE wins.

The next coaching session happens in a couple days; all about ‘Automation‘. Automating our businesses in order to free up our time & resources to spend elsewhere in other endeavors whether that be work related or hanging out with family or friends, just chillin’ 🙂

Looking forward to seeing what the next Quick Start Challenge for week 4, holds for us.


Jack Jacker


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