The Quick Start Challenge – Week 4 (Oct 3rd to 9th)

My Quick Start Challenge Journey

Wednesday the 3rd. was the start of The Quick Start Challenge Week 4 .

Last weeks’ Quick Start Challenge, week 3 challenge was just that; a challenge. I was expecting it to be much easier than it was, but I had several issues of programs I was using to create my lead and bridge pages (I tried numerous) that just didn’t work for me as I had wanted to create a pop up that would activate when someone landed on my page. The pop up I created looked good and worked as it should, or so I thought. As it turns out, even though my site is ‘mobile’ friendly, the pop up I created wasn’t unfortunately. I couldn’t find a program for creating an opt-in popup that was also mobile friendly, that I didn’t have to pay a crazy high fee to access. So, I’m currently working on creating a new opt-in page as opposed to a pop up.

The QSC challenge for this week, is to write a series of emails that will be sent to my email list once they’ve ‘opted’ in through my landing page.

This was an easier challenge but, at the same time, I had some hurdles to overcome.

  • I’m not a writer. I don’t particularly enjoy writing, either. So, trying to create emails that would introduce myself and set up a foundation for building a relationship with my list wasn’t very easy.
    • a fix for this was to imagine having a conversation with each person as if they were sitting right in front of me so that the words would flow much easier.
  • Deliver-ability of the emails was another issue. I had someone helping me test if my email sequence was reaching the inbox or not. Between hers and my own testing of my sequence; some of the emails made it to the inbox, others ended up in ‘spam’.
    • My emails would get a grade of 10/10 on Mail-Tester.
    • Quick Start ChallengeMy not being fully authenticated could be what is causing the deliver-ability issues, so I’m currently, at the time of writing this blog post, in the process of hiring someone on Fiverr who should be able to fix the problem. The problem being that I don’t have a DMARC record. SPF & DKIM are fine, but alone, without the DMARC, not so fine as some of my emails are being diverted from the inbox.

So, I have my emails for a week, written. I’m going to work on more email for the sequence; enough to run indefinitely.

Several days later, in the QSC;

Everything is up and ready. I did create a pop-up, after all. It’s an ‘exit’ pop-up. It doesn’t work for mobile, but that’s okay as it just doesn’t show up on a mobile device, whereas, the last pop-up opt-in I had created did show up on a mobile device but because it didn’t resize, you couldn’t access the ‘close’ option so it prevented anyone from being able to access my website.

What I have now, works and the bridge page, after some ‘tweaking’ looks and works exactly as I envisioned.

Our Quick Start Challenge, week 5 coaching session is starting soon so, I’m moving on now to prepare for the next ‘challenge’.


Jack Jacker


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