The Quick Start Challenge – Week 5 (Oct 10 to 16th)

My Quick Start Challenge Journey

Wednesday the 10th. was the start of The Quick Start Challenge Week 5 .

This week our challenge for week 5 was to create a video of us giving a Quick Start Challenge Testimonial. It was my first attempt at putting myself on video. I tried to just ‘wing it’ but there was so much I wanted to say, I would continually leave parts out that I had wanted to include or I would trip over my own words, so I wrote it down. I’m not completely happy with the way it turned out though as you can tell I’m reading a script, but everything I’m saying are my own words and my own thoughts and feelings. I’ll just need to work on my delivery, is all. I’m sure my future videos will only improve.

If any of you watching this video, is considering signing up for the Quick Start Challenge, then listen up because I’m about to let you in on what the program offered me, in regards to how to build a business and an online presence.

I’ve been working online for a number of years and made some money from time to time, so I basically knew the information given us during the 5 week program. But, in Sept I joined The QSC 2018 because I felt I had gotten a little off track and needed some ‘focus’. As it turned out, I came away with more than what I was expecting to when I joined.

The Quick Start Challenge is a 5 week coaching program hosted by Dean Holland and Craig Crawford.

The Quick Start Challenge 2018

The Quick Start Challenge 5 week course covers;
  • building a business with a strong foundation
  • different income streams available
  • list building
  • email automation
  • traffic generation

Each week, we would have a group coaching session that would run about 1 1/2, and then we would be given homework, otherwise known as a ‘challenge’. Yes, I said homework. You didn’t think you could take part in this coaching program and not have to work, did you? We worked our ‘hiney’s’ off, we did, but it was well worth it.

At times, it really was challenging and a bit stressful when we were trying to learn something new (and things didn’t always go as expected), but we did learn.

A couple days after each coaching session, we would then have a ‘live’ Q & A FB session which would be about an 1hr or longer depending on how many questions we had.

The QSC FB group;

was a HUGE asset as this is where we could go to get help from other members of the group or Dean and Craig, themselves. The other QSC students were very helpful; No one wanted anyone to get left behind just because one
of the challenges was a little tougher for someone than the next person. This program helped to highlight our strengths as well as the areas we might need to work on, in building our online businesses. Everyone was super encouraging and helped one another, get through each of the challenges, during the 5 week course.

As a matter of fact, it was kinda disappointing and a little sad, even, when the Quick Start Challenge was over because of how much fun we were having and how much we were learning. We just didn’t want it to end. We’re keeping the FB group going, so we still have this in place, for support and encouragement when we need it.

This coaching program gets 5 out of 5 stars from me.

Thank you Dean, Craig, Hayley and the QSC team.

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