Resources, Tools

Resources, Tools

Most of the following Resources are tools that I use or have used, to run my own internet marketing business.  Some are Free, some have a ‘trial’ period and others, co$t a fee. 

I’ve sorted everything by category for you so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for.

  1. Autoresponders                                                                       
  2. Domains  
  3. Hosting                                                                                         
  4. HTML Editors
  5. Royalty Free Images / Graphics / Gifs / Graphics Editors
  6. SEO
  7. Membership Site Tools
  8. Page Creators / Funnel Builders   
  9. Social Media Marketing
  10. Video Creation Tools

I’ve spent years testing and trying many software, tools and sites in my business and in my opinion, these are some of the best ones I’ve come across, while at the same time, being the most economical. These ‘tools’ offer you the best ‘bang’ for your buck. I hope this list is helpful for you and your online endeavors.

1) Autoresponders

Your autoresponder is probably THE 2nd. MOST IMPORTANT tool you have as an internet marketer.  (Your Email List, being the 1st.)

Mailit ($) – This is the autoresponder I use in my business. Deliver-ability is excellent since there are no other people using your domain to send emails as there are with AWeber, Get Response, Mail Chimp, etc.

  • There are NO Monthly Fees!
  • You have full control of your online business and the deliver-ability of the emails you send to your list.
  • You choose how many emails you want to send. There are no limits or fees.
  • You choose what is in your emails that you send.
  • You never have to worry about a 3rd. party company or ‘spammer’ using the same email platform, whereby crippling your business.
  • Mail It, is a WordPress plugin that is easy to use and setup.
  • Send emails with your own site or use an SMTP relay (Such as Amazon, G-Mail, SendGrid and more) if you choose.
  • Import your ‘lists’ without restrictions and there are no limits to the number of lists you upload.
  • When you import your lists, invalid emails are automatically filtered out, maximizing your delivery rates.
  • Ability to send ‘broadcasts‘.
  • Mail It, is SPF, DKIM, and Can SPAM compliant.
  • Mail It, keeps track of all the stats such as, open rate, click rate, spam complaints and bounce rates.
  • Easy unsubscribe option for your subscribers which greatly reduces spam complaints.
  • Mail It, has a ‘list cleaning‘ feature.
  • There are also ‘step by step‘ tutorials to help you get started quickly.

So, if you’re looking to manage and have FULL Control over your own email lists and mailings, then Mail It is your best bet.

AWeber  (Free Trial), ($) – You can test it for a month for FREE by clicking HERE

  • AWeber is an excellent autoresponder for deliver-ability except when one of their ‘users’ decides to send spam. This in turn, triggers the filters which could cause yours and everyone else’s emails to end up in your lists’ junk / spam folder. This will continue to happen until AWeber ‘fixes’ the issue. This situation can happen with any SHARED autoresponder.

Get Response (Free Trial), ($) – You can test it for a month for FREE by clicking HERE  

  • Getresponse is less expensive than Aweber but they aren’t as good in email deliver-ability as aWeber and Mail It.

MailChimp (Free), ($) You can use MailChimp for Free, up to 2000 subscribers.


2) Domains ($)

There are numerous sites where you can find very reasonably priced domain names, such as the 2 I listed above.

There are also hosting companies that will supply you with a free domain with the purchase / subscription of a hosting account.

  • Name Mesh (Free)
    •  If you are looking for inspiration or an idea for a domain name , check out Name Mesh. 


3) Hosting ($)

EIG (Endurance International Group) Warning –

Formerly BizLand, a web hosting company. EIG grew to a massive size, due to buying up a large number of smaller hosting companies, which continue to operate under their original brand names, while moving their IT infrastructure to India. One of the most consistent complaints has been the lack of ‘support’.

Oftentimes, after purchasing a company, they would routinely ‘lay off’ a number of the employees.

In August 2018, the firm’s CEO and CFO were fined several million dollars for fraud by the SEC related to company subscriber numbers.

Below is a list of Hosting Companies that EIG got their claws into, so you may want to ‘beware and avoid’.EIG hostingPresented by

Three For One Hosting

10X Hosting



4) HTML Editors

KompoZer (Free)

  • KompoZer is designed to be extremely easy to use, making it ideal for non-technical computer users who want to create an attractive, professional-looking web site without needing to know HTML or web coding.

Trellian (Free)

  • Intuitive Interface.
  • Imports pages compatible with today’s browsers.
  • Absolute positioning of HTML elements.
  • Color Highlighted HTML Editor.
  • Meta Tag editor.
  • Drag & drop interface.
  • Imports all major image formats including PNG & JPEG.
  • Support for current Internet technologies.
  • Built-in document spellchecker.
  • Support for 1000’s of Photoshop Plugins.
  • Easy image conversion and resampling tools with unlimited undo’s.
  • Create Search engine friendly pages, so that your site can be found.

CoffeeCup (Free) & ($)

  • The CoffeeCup Free HTML comes in two versions – a free version as well as a full version which is available for purchase. The free version is a good product, but be aware that a lot of the features this platform offers do require you to buy the full version.


5) Royalty Free Images / Graphics / Gifs / Graphics Editors

Canva (Free) & ($)

  • Canva is a free online tool (an upgrade is available) for easily designing graphics for your websites, ads, social, etc.

Pixabay (Free)

  • Free Stock Photos
  • Free Stock Videos

TinyPNG (Free)

  • Free smart PNG and JPEG compression. Optimize your images with a perfect balance in quality and file size.

Icons8 (free) & ($)

IMG Flip: Gif Creator(Free) & IMG Flip: Meme Generator (Free)

Free Vector (Free)

Flat Icons (Free) & ($) (Free)

All The Free Stock (Free)Images, Videos, Music, Icons

Tiny Web Gallery (Free)

SnipStock (Free)

Stick PNG (Free)


6) SEO

Keyword Tool (Free)

Duplicate Content Checker (Free)

CopyScape (Free) & ($)

The results you’ll see in this diagram are of a 2nd site of mine that I am redirecting to my new site.  Copyscape found the duplicate articles in only a few seconds.

Prepost SEO (Free)

SEO Review Tools (Free)

Site LIner (Free)


7) Content Creation

Jack Jacker (Free)

Letter Count (Free)

9) Membership Site Tools

Members Kit ($)

MemberSonic (Free) & ($)

Brilliantly simple membership site plugin. They even have a free option. My plugin of choice when building a paying membership site.


9) Page Creation / Funnel Builder

Funnel Joy ($)


10) Social Media Marketing

TailWind (Free Trial), ($)

Fan Marketer ($)

Automatically gets you real fans on Facebook (and can be set up to do it on autopilot). You can now also set it up to automatically post content to unlimited Fan Pages.

Buffer (Free), ($)

11) Video Creation

BigWig Video (Free)

OBS (Free)

Screencast–O-Matic (Free), ($)

Cam Desk (Free)

Cam Studio Open Source (Free)

All The Free Stock (Free) – Images, Videos, Music, Icons

Free Stock Music (Free)

Cute Stock Footage (Free)

Panzoid (Free)

Shotcut (Free)

Black Magic Design – Davinci Resolve (Free), ($)

Filmora (Free), ($)

Hit Film (Free)

—> In the following article, there is a comprehensive guide on how to choose the best audio mixer. <—

If you don’t want to create your own videos, you can use someone else’s.  Personally, I don’t use Creative Commons videos very often, for several reasons.

  • horrible, robotic audio
  • watermarked with their logo or website address; I don’t want to be promoting my products or services with OTHER people’s contact info.
  • spelling / obvious grammatical errors
  • overall, just a sloppy job done on the video
  • you need to also watch for people uploading OTHER peoples’ videos as Creative Commons. An example of this is when a person creates a product and puts out a ‘demo’ of their product on their own channel.  Then someone else comes along and uploads that demo video into their own Youtube account, listing it as Creative Commons. I see this A LOT!

I will though, sometimes, download the video, (their are tools / plugins for this; I use FF browser) if it’s not someone else’s ‘stolen’ video, edit it to correct or improve the result and then, use the corrected version.

How To Use Creative Commons Videos From Youtube For Your Own Promotions.

More great resources added periodically.